Heart Warmer Massager

23 January 2012

Everyone deserves a good massage...right? Of course you do! One of my favorite items to use during massages with my partner is the Heart Warmer Massager from Eden Fantasys. It's magical! Inside the the palm-sized heart is a neat metal piece. When snapped, hundreds of tiny crystals fly everywhere within the heart to create a warming effect. It is also reusable, so that means it is going to last through many massages. Another added bonus is that it is cost-friendly. It is less than $10! Talk about a good bang for your buck.

The Heart Warmer comes in the little box you see above. It has cute packaging and all the care directions you could need right on the label. The massager is made of PVC and has a Velvety texture. The outside rim of the heart does have a rigid seam, but does not seem to cause any irritation during massage. Just try to keep in mind that it is there. The massager works best with an oil. I apply oil either to the body or directly to the heart. It glides easily across the skin and works great for giving a heated massage. The heart warmer is also perfect for muscle aches. It can be laid on the sore area and the heat lasts between 20-30 minutes.

To reuses the heart warmer, it can simply be boiled until the liquid is clear again. Once boiled, it is ready to go again!

We have owned our heart massager for at least two years now and it is still going strong. It is the perfect little addition to our special grown up time with each other. I recommend the heart warmer to all couples, as well as those who suffer from sore muscles.


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