Basix Dong with Suction Cup {Review}

27 August 2012

I don't know what it is about me, but I always seem to like the low-grader toys. Others see them as cheap, useless guys, but not I! For example, one of my all time favorite dildos is the Basix Dong. I received it from Eden Fantasys Sex Toys and have been loving this adorable thing ever since.
This guy comes in three color varieties: beige, black, or pink. You know I had to go with the pink one right? It's not as much fun if it isn't pink. He has a lot going for him. Number 1, I have to tell you, he is only $15.99! That is a great price in my eyes and I have had this dildo for almost two years now. He is still going strong.

Some specs you might find interesting are that the Basix Dong is 7 brilliant inches of pink goodness. It has an insertable length of about 5" and a diameter of 2". Yes, this baby is packing. The Basix dong also has a realistic shape and tone to it. It is crafted of rubber and can be used with any lubricant you could possible want as well. Some people are irritated by the "new" smell of rubber. I don't really mind it all, but if you are prone to yeast infections, you might want to cover him with a toy cover/condom or go with a different material. Rubber is much more porous than materials such as glass or silicone so you may want to avoid this toy if that will be an issue for you.

As for his shape and curvature, he has it made. The Basix Dong has the right curves in all the right places. He starts with a pronounced head that you are going to know is there and transforms down into a magical, stout rod. The shaft has a slight curve in it as well, so you are going to feel like there is something more realistic traveling through your crevices. The Basix Dong is pretty hefty. I only use this toy vaginally, but if you are brave enough and use clean, safe precautions... you can enjoy him anally.

And aw finally the suction cup. Yes, we need us some suction cups don't we? {wink} The suction cup on this dildo is amazing! Really, it is. It just needs a little slickness or moisture and this thing will hold onto just about anything. I use it on the table and chairs, the bathtub, and I have even stuck it to a plastic tote lid. If you are in search of a suction toy that is going to stay in place while you get your freak on, you can count on the Basix Dong getting the job done.

I have really enjoyed this dildo regardless of it having a cheap price tag. The material, flexibility, suction, and color draw me in. Other than it having a lower material safety, I honestly have nothing bad to say about this big guy. I recommend you give it a try and you might be surprised.

If you are interested in trying out the Basix Dong, I recommend you read more information on the material and how to clean and care for it. Eden Fantasys offers a great resource here.

10 Function Risque {Review}

Butt plugs are really fun for me and Eden Fantasys has a huge selection of them. Finding the right one for me has always been my biggest obstacle. Thanks to Eden Fantasys, I was able to review the 10 Function Risque butt plug and fell in love at first feel.

The Risque is set at an admirable size. It reaches 4" in length {3" insertable}and is right at around 1 1/8" in diameter. The size may sound small but for me, it was a bit plump. I don't think this is the perfect butt plug for a beginner. I think an advanced user would enjoy it much more because of the taper it has in it.

I have used a variety of plugs and personally the ones that vibrate are probably my favorite. There is just something about a vibrating machine rocking my world. Aw. The Risque is great for a vibrating plug because it has 10 separate functions that differ in speeds and function. The Risque escalates, pulsates, and vibrates. It also does this at different speeds that vary from low to high. With so many functions, I promise you are going to find one you like. The control is very easy to access too. It is located on the bottom side of the base and is changed by simply pressing the button. No twisting, twirling, or moving buttons. You can press through all the functions as you play or stick to your favorite one.

As for material... I am in love. The Risque has a soft, satiny finish. It is crafted of TPR and plastic. The plastic parts are purely for stationary and battery covering. The complete insertable parts of the toy are soft TPR. I was pleased with the material the company went with because it is really flexible and can be moved around while in use. This also makes it more comfortable if you decided to wear your plug while moving about. I really love this plug because of the comfort from the material. It just makes sense. I feel that this is one of the best plugs I have ever used on the comfort and pleasure level. If you would like to read more about the material TPR or cleaning and maintenance for a TPR product, Eden Fantasys has a great material resource here.

If you have been using plugs for a while and are comfortable with them I definitely recommend the Risque. It is at the top of my list for plugs. I also recommend always using a good lubricant. It will make things more comfortable and pleasurable- *trust me*.

Run for your life!

It has officially started today! I am in my first day of my second term of the nursing program. Run for your life! I got really lucky today because I don't have to be at my first clinical until 1:00! Woot woot. So I get to do other stuff until then like make funny pictures!

Or run down to the bookstore and by more nursey things >>>
No running with scissors!

^^See the second hand? That's so I can count your beating puslifiers!^^

May I auscultate your heart?
This is my Cali Bean and she stole my bag!

Fifi is so not interested in me right now!
I hope everyone has a great day!

Aphrodisia: Music of Love {Review}

26 August 2012

Setting the mood is usually a natural part of love making. We want our partners to feel in the mood. There are a lot of tactics one can take to achieve getting in the mood. Around our house, we like to use candles, oils, scents, and of course music. Love making music varies from *bang* *bang* music to us. We want to set the right mood and music is a really easy way of doing this. Eden Fantasys has a selection of audio Cd's and we were grateful to be given the opportunity to review Aphrodisia: Music of Love.
The CD is a collection of eleven songs that are smooth jazz. It is a great selection for love making. We play it for that purpose and relaxing, as well. This is probably one my favorite bath time selections. The songs have a decent run time and help me relax during my bubbly escapades. Most of the songs include mostly instrumentals. There are a few with sings, however. Aphrodisia: Music of Love works really well for massage music, too.

If you want to set the mood, relax, or please a {friend's} ears with the sounds of great jazz musicians, I recommend Aphrodisia. I have many uses for it myself, I have even used it as backdrop music for some videos I have made.

Run on over to Eden Fantasys and find the perfect music of love for you and your partner today!

Sexy Friday Video

24 August 2012

Every true relationship has bad moments. There are songs every now and then that really just hit the spot. You want a little sexy with a lot of truth? Close your eyes {or keep them open} to listen and get a real feeling. Please enjoy my Sexy Friday Video.


I keep hearing this new word... sexting. Really? Why don't we just call it phone sex in a typed format? I just don't get it. I am sorry but I have never been one to be turned on by phone sex, let alone a fucking text message that talks about sex. What is wrong with kids these days? When I was in my primier days when I was hot for the kid next door we just fooled around and did that weird kiss crap. Now everyone is "sexting." I could imagine how these conversations go:

girl: hey

boy: hey

girl: what's up

boy: nuttin'

girl: you're hot

boy: yeah

girl: uh huh

boy: so what's up

girl: nuttin

boy: k cool

girl: do you like me

boy: um idk

girl: i like you

boy: cool

girl: want to makeout

boy: idk maybe

girl: what?

boy: what?

girl: nevermind lol

Heart Warmer Massager {Review}

Pipedream has created a massager that is both adorable and reusable. It is available at Eden Fantasys in three colors that you will want to get your hands on. Each heart works wonderfully for soothing muscles aches.The best part? It's on sale right now for only $7.20!

The heart warmer can be used by placing it like a heating pad on sore muscles or you can apply an oil or lotion to it and use it as a massager. It is ideal for low back pain, sore breasts, knee and calf pain, and neck pain.

To use the heart warmer you squeeze and bend it until the ring inside begins dispersing beads. These beads fill the heart with heat that lasts up to thirty whole minutes. If the heart is a little too warm at first, I recommend placing a towel in between its surface and your skin. When you are done with the massager you can simply store it or go ahead and prep it for the next use.

The heart warmer can be used over and over again. After you use it, bring a pan of water to a boil and place the heart in the pan. Boil it for about ten minutes and remove it to a cooling rack or towel. Allow it to cool down and store it. It's magic! We have used our heart warmer for about three years now and are still satisfied with it. We have used it as a heating pad when my partner hurt his shoulder. I have used it for cramps and aching muscles. We have even used it for a little bit of sensual play. The possibilities are open as long as your imagination is.

I recommend getting this item for a friend or be stingy and get it for yourself! The heart warmer massager would be great for gift-giving for a new mom, grandparent, or as a Valentine's Day present. It is a treat that you will be happy you didn't pass up. Want a 15% discount? At checkout enter savings code E9R. Heart Warmer Massager

Kaylani's Futurotic Doggie Masturbator {Review}

23 August 2012

My partner has used a handful of masturbators that we have found over at Eden Fantasys. We have tried fleshlights, tubes, and other varieties. He decided to try out the Kaylani masturbator and was not that satisfied. Although Kaylani is very appealing on the eyes and the perfect hand-size, she lacks in the more interesting department- texture.
Kaylani is 5" long and has three insertable holes; doggy-style vagina and ass and the mouth as well. Each hole leads to a larger inner tube that is completely texture-less. Kaylani is made of super-stretchy futurotic material. If you would like to read more about her material there is an informative resource on it here. The resource includes care, maintenance, and safety information on the product.

As for use, my partner felt that the masturbator was the ideal size to use for masturbation. During use he was able to use her with ease and comfort. She is lightweight and easy to grip. He did not enjoy the texture, however. He recommends a masturbator that is packing texture such as rings, ribs, or nubs.

The outside of Kaylani is model after the super star Kaylani. She has large breasts, long hair, and is bent over in a a doggy-style position. He skin color is beige and she weighs just under a half a pound.

Kaylani has been retired in our bedroom. If only she had some futuristic insides!

I was provided with a product free of charge to facilitate this review. However, all opinions are of my own and not affiliated with the company in any way. 

Nude Female Playing Cards {Review}

Everyone loves a fun deck of cards with nude chicks on them. Doc Johnson offers Nude Playing Cards that can be purchased from Eden Fantasys.

The playing cards have about 20 different female models. Each model has 2-3 unique poses and there are a total of 54 cards. The cards are primarily boob shots. There are a few booty shots, but they are limited. The cards are also very affordable. They are perfect for spicing up a card game or to give as a gag gift.

We did feel that the cards were a little outdated. Most images seems PG13ish compared to adult products we usually find. There were no vaginal shots at all. That was a bit of a bummer. Other than being a little out-dated, the cards work great for a good game of poker. They add a little fun to the mix and they have held together nicely. The plastic is coated well and the cards have not worn out or came apart yet.

New Found Chatter Chick

14 August 2012

I found a new blog today that I have never read before and thought I would share it. She goes by SangSara and I think you might like her blog if you enjoy sex toy reviews. I will be adding her to my public linkie soon and also wanted to share her blog address in post. Please check her out! Check out Sang Sara 'sang' tuary.

I am running this road on a highway known as the internet blogity hopping.

Are you fucking serious?

13 August 2012

Saturday is my day. I get to go do all the lovely shopping, errand running, and all the glory that goes with it. I do this on Saturdays because it is like the only day I have other authority figures around this house so I can get away to do them without having four kids attached to my hip. Well last Saturday I went to the grocery store to get some things for supper and took my 9 year old daughter with me. No big deal right?

We did our run through the store and then headed out. It was a little busy in the parking lot because it was Saturday. We went walking right down the middle aisle after a white SUV passed through before us. We were walking down on the right side headed for our car when this crazy bitch slams her big pile of white utility vehicle in reverse and speeds backwards. What the fuck are you doing??? I grabbed my daughter by the arm and threw her like a rag doll. I then proceeded to get myself out of the way of psycho grandma all for her to slam on her breaks and whipped into the handicap parking zone she just passed five seconds ago.

My heart was pounding so fast and I stood there are watched big mama jump out of her vehicle, slam the door, and waltz in the store.

Are you fucking serious right now?

Some people shouldn't drive, and others shouldn't have those fancy wheelchair stickers hanging from their mirrors so they can all most run over standing children and go on with their business. What is the world coming to? Seriously?

Discovering My Own Sexuality

10 August 2012

Sex is something that I am very open to. I use to consider myself a prude because I just did the regular missionary style thing with my ex and that is all we did. Honestly, I just didn't enjoy it. I participated only because I thought it was the right thing to do. It wasn't until I met my new partner that I really took off in the sexuality department. I wasn't very experienced but everything just felt so natural. I tried new things and I found that sex could be enjoyable.

After we explored many things, and five years later, we are now so in tune with each other. I know all of his spots and he knows mine. We know when we want to try new things and we both enjoy being surprised. It is really amazing, knowing who you are and who you are with. I like that we can be so open and share each other in a way that we don't share with anyone else but each other. Sexuality is something really amazing.

Have you discovered it yet? How did you learn about your sexuality?

Excuse me while I change and a Giveaway

09 August 2012

I have been MIA for quite some time from my Garden of Secrets blog. What have I been up to? Five other awesome blogging projects! I started blogging in 2009 and since have learned many things.
  1. It is just the Internet. 
  2. I blog because I enjoy doing it. 
  3. I am going to be okay if someone hates on my blog or me as a person. 
  4. Blog haters blog about hating blogs because that is what they enjoy doing. HATERS. 
  5. It took some time but I finally realized that I need to blog for me.  

With all of that said, now that I am way caught up on all my other blogging projects... I gave Garden of Secrets a whole new look. I spent lots of time and probably a few "son of a bitches" blurt outs getting it just the way I like it. In light of coming back and giving my blog a new look and much needed attention I decided to have a giveaway. I have other blogging projects that I dedicate to things like being a mom, homemaker, shopper, student, etc. This one is my naughty side mostly. I enjoy being an adult and the adult things in this world. Including the items that I love getting from Eden Fantasys. Because they are probably my favorite sex shop ever... I am giving a $25 gift card to one lucky reader.
Please enter below and good luck to everyone! 

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