Kaylani's Futurotic Doggie Masturbator {Review}

23 August 2012

My partner has used a handful of masturbators that we have found over at Eden Fantasys. We have tried fleshlights, tubes, and other varieties. He decided to try out the Kaylani masturbator and was not that satisfied. Although Kaylani is very appealing on the eyes and the perfect hand-size, she lacks in the more interesting department- texture.
Kaylani is 5" long and has three insertable holes; doggy-style vagina and ass and the mouth as well. Each hole leads to a larger inner tube that is completely texture-less. Kaylani is made of super-stretchy futurotic material. If you would like to read more about her material there is an informative resource on it here. The resource includes care, maintenance, and safety information on the product.

As for use, my partner felt that the masturbator was the ideal size to use for masturbation. During use he was able to use her with ease and comfort. She is lightweight and easy to grip. He did not enjoy the texture, however. He recommends a masturbator that is packing texture such as rings, ribs, or nubs.

The outside of Kaylani is model after the super star Kaylani. She has large breasts, long hair, and is bent over in a a doggy-style position. He skin color is beige and she weighs just under a half a pound.

Kaylani has been retired in our bedroom. If only she had some futuristic insides!

I was provided with a product free of charge to facilitate this review. However, all opinions are of my own and not affiliated with the company in any way. 


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