Discovering My Own Sexuality

10 August 2012

Sex is something that I am very open to. I use to consider myself a prude because I just did the regular missionary style thing with my ex and that is all we did. Honestly, I just didn't enjoy it. I participated only because I thought it was the right thing to do. It wasn't until I met my new partner that I really took off in the sexuality department. I wasn't very experienced but everything just felt so natural. I tried new things and I found that sex could be enjoyable.

After we explored many things, and five years later, we are now so in tune with each other. I know all of his spots and he knows mine. We know when we want to try new things and we both enjoy being surprised. It is really amazing, knowing who you are and who you are with. I like that we can be so open and share each other in a way that we don't share with anyone else but each other. Sexuality is something really amazing.

Have you discovered it yet? How did you learn about your sexuality?


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