10 Function Risque {Review}

27 August 2012

Butt plugs are really fun for me and Eden Fantasys has a huge selection of them. Finding the right one for me has always been my biggest obstacle. Thanks to Eden Fantasys, I was able to review the 10 Function Risque butt plug and fell in love at first feel.

The Risque is set at an admirable size. It reaches 4" in length {3" insertable}and is right at around 1 1/8" in diameter. The size may sound small but for me, it was a bit plump. I don't think this is the perfect butt plug for a beginner. I think an advanced user would enjoy it much more because of the taper it has in it.

I have used a variety of plugs and personally the ones that vibrate are probably my favorite. There is just something about a vibrating machine rocking my world. Aw. The Risque is great for a vibrating plug because it has 10 separate functions that differ in speeds and function. The Risque escalates, pulsates, and vibrates. It also does this at different speeds that vary from low to high. With so many functions, I promise you are going to find one you like. The control is very easy to access too. It is located on the bottom side of the base and is changed by simply pressing the button. No twisting, twirling, or moving buttons. You can press through all the functions as you play or stick to your favorite one.

As for material... I am in love. The Risque has a soft, satiny finish. It is crafted of TPR and plastic. The plastic parts are purely for stationary and battery covering. The complete insertable parts of the toy are soft TPR. I was pleased with the material the company went with because it is really flexible and can be moved around while in use. This also makes it more comfortable if you decided to wear your plug while moving about. I really love this plug because of the comfort from the material. It just makes sense. I feel that this is one of the best plugs I have ever used on the comfort and pleasure level. If you would like to read more about the material TPR or cleaning and maintenance for a TPR product, Eden Fantasys has a great material resource here.

If you have been using plugs for a while and are comfortable with them I definitely recommend the Risque. It is at the top of my list for plugs. I also recommend always using a good lubricant. It will make things more comfortable and pleasurable- *trust me*.


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