Heart Warmer Massager {Review}

24 August 2012

Pipedream has created a massager that is both adorable and reusable. It is available at Eden Fantasys in three colors that you will want to get your hands on. Each heart works wonderfully for soothing muscles aches.The best part? It's on sale right now for only $7.20!

The heart warmer can be used by placing it like a heating pad on sore muscles or you can apply an oil or lotion to it and use it as a massager. It is ideal for low back pain, sore breasts, knee and calf pain, and neck pain.

To use the heart warmer you squeeze and bend it until the ring inside begins dispersing beads. These beads fill the heart with heat that lasts up to thirty whole minutes. If the heart is a little too warm at first, I recommend placing a towel in between its surface and your skin. When you are done with the massager you can simply store it or go ahead and prep it for the next use.

The heart warmer can be used over and over again. After you use it, bring a pan of water to a boil and place the heart in the pan. Boil it for about ten minutes and remove it to a cooling rack or towel. Allow it to cool down and store it. It's magic! We have used our heart warmer for about three years now and are still satisfied with it. We have used it as a heating pad when my partner hurt his shoulder. I have used it for cramps and aching muscles. We have even used it for a little bit of sensual play. The possibilities are open as long as your imagination is.

I recommend getting this item for a friend or be stingy and get it for yourself! The heart warmer massager would be great for gift-giving for a new mom, grandparent, or as a Valentine's Day present. It is a treat that you will be happy you didn't pass up. Want a 15% discount? At checkout enter savings code E9R. Heart Warmer Massager


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