Basix Dong with Suction Cup {Review}

27 August 2012

I don't know what it is about me, but I always seem to like the low-grader toys. Others see them as cheap, useless guys, but not I! For example, one of my all time favorite dildos is the Basix Dong. I received it from Eden Fantasys Sex Toys and have been loving this adorable thing ever since.
This guy comes in three color varieties: beige, black, or pink. You know I had to go with the pink one right? It's not as much fun if it isn't pink. He has a lot going for him. Number 1, I have to tell you, he is only $15.99! That is a great price in my eyes and I have had this dildo for almost two years now. He is still going strong.

Some specs you might find interesting are that the Basix Dong is 7 brilliant inches of pink goodness. It has an insertable length of about 5" and a diameter of 2". Yes, this baby is packing. The Basix dong also has a realistic shape and tone to it. It is crafted of rubber and can be used with any lubricant you could possible want as well. Some people are irritated by the "new" smell of rubber. I don't really mind it all, but if you are prone to yeast infections, you might want to cover him with a toy cover/condom or go with a different material. Rubber is much more porous than materials such as glass or silicone so you may want to avoid this toy if that will be an issue for you.

As for his shape and curvature, he has it made. The Basix Dong has the right curves in all the right places. He starts with a pronounced head that you are going to know is there and transforms down into a magical, stout rod. The shaft has a slight curve in it as well, so you are going to feel like there is something more realistic traveling through your crevices. The Basix Dong is pretty hefty. I only use this toy vaginally, but if you are brave enough and use clean, safe precautions... you can enjoy him anally.

And aw finally the suction cup. Yes, we need us some suction cups don't we? {wink} The suction cup on this dildo is amazing! Really, it is. It just needs a little slickness or moisture and this thing will hold onto just about anything. I use it on the table and chairs, the bathtub, and I have even stuck it to a plastic tote lid. If you are in search of a suction toy that is going to stay in place while you get your freak on, you can count on the Basix Dong getting the job done.

I have really enjoyed this dildo regardless of it having a cheap price tag. The material, flexibility, suction, and color draw me in. Other than it having a lower material safety, I honestly have nothing bad to say about this big guy. I recommend you give it a try and you might be surprised.

If you are interested in trying out the Basix Dong, I recommend you read more information on the material and how to clean and care for it. Eden Fantasys offers a great resource here.


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