24 August 2012

I keep hearing this new word... sexting. Really? Why don't we just call it phone sex in a typed format? I just don't get it. I am sorry but I have never been one to be turned on by phone sex, let alone a fucking text message that talks about sex. What is wrong with kids these days? When I was in my primier days when I was hot for the kid next door we just fooled around and did that weird kiss crap. Now everyone is "sexting." I could imagine how these conversations go:

girl: hey

boy: hey

girl: what's up

boy: nuttin'

girl: you're hot

boy: yeah

girl: uh huh

boy: so what's up

girl: nuttin

boy: k cool

girl: do you like me

boy: um idk

girl: i like you

boy: cool

girl: want to makeout

boy: idk maybe

girl: what?

boy: what?

girl: nevermind lol


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