Nude Female Playing Cards {Review}

23 August 2012

Everyone loves a fun deck of cards with nude chicks on them. Doc Johnson offers Nude Playing Cards that can be purchased from Eden Fantasys.

The playing cards have about 20 different female models. Each model has 2-3 unique poses and there are a total of 54 cards. The cards are primarily boob shots. There are a few booty shots, but they are limited. The cards are also very affordable. They are perfect for spicing up a card game or to give as a gag gift.

We did feel that the cards were a little outdated. Most images seems PG13ish compared to adult products we usually find. There were no vaginal shots at all. That was a bit of a bummer. Other than being a little out-dated, the cards work great for a good game of poker. They add a little fun to the mix and they have held together nicely. The plastic is coated well and the cards have not worn out or came apart yet.


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