Excuse me while I change and a Giveaway

09 August 2012

I have been MIA for quite some time from my Garden of Secrets blog. What have I been up to? Five other awesome blogging projects! I started blogging in 2009 and since have learned many things.
  1. It is just the Internet. 
  2. I blog because I enjoy doing it. 
  3. I am going to be okay if someone hates on my blog or me as a person. 
  4. Blog haters blog about hating blogs because that is what they enjoy doing. HATERS. 
  5. It took some time but I finally realized that I need to blog for me.  

With all of that said, now that I am way caught up on all my other blogging projects... I gave Garden of Secrets a whole new look. I spent lots of time and probably a few "son of a bitches" blurt outs getting it just the way I like it. In light of coming back and giving my blog a new look and much needed attention I decided to have a giveaway. I have other blogging projects that I dedicate to things like being a mom, homemaker, shopper, student, etc. This one is my naughty side mostly. I enjoy being an adult and the adult things in this world. Including the items that I love getting from Eden Fantasys. Because they are probably my favorite sex shop ever... I am giving a $25 gift card to one lucky reader.
Please enter below and good luck to everyone! 

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  1. My absolute favorite product on EdenFantasys.com is definitely the Uma g-spot vibrator! Love it!

  2. Testing the comment form. Test.


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